How to Boost a High-Intensity Workout through Music

A high-intensity workout + music

When mentioning to the high-intensity exercises, we know that a firm physical is necessary. That’s why a large number of people from beginning feel unpleasant when performing. Nonetheless, you should not be discouraged because the music is likely useful for this. According to the recent studies, the music contributes to encouraging the workouters to make the high-intensity exercises easier.

Practicing a High-Intensity Workout with Music

In many recent years, the strenuous workouts, particularly, the high-intensity training have attracted the interest of many workouters as well as the scientists. Actually, it is difficult to have the short bouts in the highly demanding exercises. It requires that training must come with resting. Training in an endurance way but moderation will contribute to minimizing the risk of many chronic diseases. Aside from that, your fitness is also improved after practicing from 15-20 minutes, based on the previous studies have shown.

Music with workouts

It can say that though we only invest a little time to train the high-intensity workouts, the result is not small. According to Matthew Stork – McMaster’s Faculty of Science – McMaster University, those who have experienced with this training quickly. This one is not necessary good.

At McMaster, he and his colleagues have begun to study the high-intensity workouts. At that same time, they also wondered if it could find manners to change human’s perceptions of the way they were enjoying this type of training. Of course, he also knew that you may not decrease the real intensity significantly without decreasing the benefits related to the physiology. Nevertheless, changing the individual feeling about the difficulties when practicing is likely.

Music for running, jogging, or cycling

Then, music has been the final thought of him and his colleagues. Plenty of previous studies have shown that the experience in training workouts can be changed by listening to music. The majority of the people reported that listening to the powerful songs contributes to performing workouts easier.

However, there were the studies about the exercises at the standard level, including, running, cycling, or jogging for 30 minutes. Not many tests relate to the effect of the music when practicing the high-intensity training. Perhaps, some of the scientists recognize that practicing – too draining. Apart from, they also assume that the noises from the muscles of the workouters could drown out the music, so its effect is negligible.

For Mr. Stork, this one didn’t convince him. Therefore, recruiting twenty healthy young, who didn’t get used to practicing the high-intensity exercises before that and bring them in the CrossFit after he guided them how to perform these hard workouts.

Useful music with workouts?

The volunteers have shown the exact regiment. Completing in four bouts (one was 30 seconds) when they utilized the stationary bicycles. Yes, pedaling was called all-out by the researchers that every volunteer was able to stand at the highest intensity. They would have 4 minutes in order to recovery after each bout (30 seconds). In the break time, they could sit, walk, or pedal gently. During the all-out intervals, the power-pedaling output of the volunteer was tracked by the researchers. At once, they also asked these volunteers how their feeling was – difficult or fun when practicing.

That workout has finished. For the time being, the volunteers would sit down and provided the songs that they wanted to listen. Then, the scientists began to download and utilize. The purpose is to create the customizing list for each of the volunteers.

The second times, the volunteers came back the lab. At that time, they were divided into two groups to perform the high-intensity training. One would listen to the option playlist while another group only practiced without being supported by music.

Workouts along with music

It has finished. The researchers took the result of two pieces of training so as to compare, including, the power and the feeling about the difficulties when practicing these workouts. For the result, according to the report of the volunteers, those intervals were hard. Actually, their feeling about the difficulty of both is the same whether they had or hadn’t listened to music.

Nonetheless, an interesting detail is their power, which had significantly increased when listening to music. They pedaled a ferocious way in comparison with no music, but they didn’t recognize that. Practicing without music made them recognize the workouts that were equal or higher 8. If it says 10 scales, this one seems unbearable.

Inversely, the period of time practicing with music brought the same feel as 8 or more. They tried to breakout throughout the 30-second bouts. Even though the intensity had increased, they didn’t feel uncomfortable. The scientists had polled the opinion of the volunteer after ending the experiment, all of them said that they would surely listen to music if they performed the workout on their own after this research.

Mr. Stork said that the effect of the music on the performance as well as the perceptions didn’t likely determine an obvious way, but it was sure that the music related to the arousal responses. Responding to the melody of the music, the body would appear a physiological cycle in order to meet the needs of the hard training.

On the other hand, Mr. Stork also said that the music cannot get rid of the insistent messages of the body. Yes, it doesn’t have that use. However, it is able to minimize the strain when you are performing the hard intervals.


Though the music doesn’t contribute to helping you overcome the high-intensity intervals, it can help you temporarily forget the difficulties to complete your workouts.

If you are a professional with the high-intensity intervals, it is necessary to equip your preferred playlist, along with your best headphones for working out. Or simply, that you are a beginner that find and enjoy the hard training this one is still necessary.

We don’t give any advice for you, but we provide a specific experiment. It hopes that you will feel useful. It is certain that the information above will help you recognize the importance of music – necessary or unnecessary.

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