The Connection Between Music and Workout

Music is an essential part of our lives and so is workout. One thing helps us to shake off all the burdens in real life by giving us magical melodies so that we can somehow escape from the hustle and the bustle of the busy life and the other gives us favorable conditions to improve our physical and mental conditions thus making us a better human being. The combination between them is the best a man can get. They can’t be separated. However, many trainers, even the best ones, don’t know much about how music can affect the workout sessions and how to use music as an effective way to produce more efforts in workout classes. This article mainly focuses on the benefits of workout music and how to apply them in your real training. There would be some of them that are quite familiar to you, and others are newly discovered, so enjoy yourself with this and find the best solution on your own!

Music Is An Effective Way To Reduce Tiredness In Training Sessions

Have you ever feel that workout is not the thing you want after hardworking days? And you don’t want to warm your body up to do any exercises? It’s fine because that is the natural reaction of our body to something hard and boring. That’s why you need music as a way to break that brick wall and push yourself to the limit.

Fitness and workout

You can also feel this, right? Listening to music while working out, you can barely increase the productivity of your training up to 15%. That would be really great because you don’t have to do some extra works and still have the desirable result.

There is a thing that you should remember about music: control the tempo. For example:

  • Slow and steady tempo with bright lyric songs are perfect for the warm – up and the end of training session because it slowly turns the mood on and avoid your body from the risk of being injured from sudden stretches.
  • Mid – tempo songs are good for running and lifting when you need some certain concentration and also a little bit faster.
  • Quick tempo music is for high – tension exercises when you need more motivation to break your limit.

One more thing about the music while training: the faster the music is, the better your workout would be. The beats can help your brain to process information faster with high accuracy. In fact, the music has another advantage to trainers is that it can be the factor to trick the pain feeling.

Quick Tempo Helps You To Workout Tirelessly

With trainers who often play songs with tempo of around 120 – 140 bpm (beats per minute), the way they workout would be more effective in comparison with others who use slow tempo songs. Especially when your workout is running or cycling… quick tempo music is the best buddy to conquer long trips.

Workout music

Music To Remind Memories

Obviously when we listen to music, we tend to bring ourselves back to memories that attached to those songs, especially the first time we find out about them. Let your feeling to move along with the songs to increase the motivation brought to you so as to increase the results of your training as high as possible.

However, don’t choose songs that are too slow because it could pull your mood down and decrease your training quality. In fact, you should give a new song a try for 1 or 2 times in your training sessions and see whether it could fit your workout playlist or not.

Use Music As A Cool – Down Solution

Of course you can’t be too tense throughout the whole workout process. Just like other ways of using your body, training sessions need cool – down times and hard – working times. And music is an effective way to slow down the activities of the body when it reaches the limit. You can choose song with steady tempo with catchy melodies along with slow moves so as to relax your abs a little bit.

Where Can I Find Workout Music?

Many people asked me this question on and on, and I just have one simple answer: Your music – Your choice. You might not believe me about this, but that’s the truth. No one can use other people’s workout music because they don’t have any connections to your body. That’s the reason why you have to build up your music library on your own without having to listen to anybody else.

You can have some suggestions on the Internet, but you should have them filtered carefully because not all of them are suitable for you. Here are some suggestions for you to choose workout songs from the Internet:

Never give up!

  • Use the fitness and workout playlists from celebrities online for the first time, then choose some of the best songs that suit you and save them for later uses.
  • Workout songs are countless, but you should know that there are many stages of your training sessions, so you should build your playlists based on that. Your music library for working out would not be completed if it’s full of strong beats with quick tempo music or not arranged neatly. Remember that it affects the result of your training so choose them carefully in both quality and quantity.
  • Know your type of work out: If you are following HIIT, the list would be quite different from people who are running or cycling.

That is all I can show you about the music used in workout and other types of sport activities based on my experiences about body building and working out. You can have a look at my website to see my own workout playlist and get some helps from it. Don’t hesitate to send me your questions about body training, I will always be there to help you out. Have fun working out and get yourself a nice body as soon as possible. Never give up!

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